Vandals Clothing Co. - Week 10

This has been a wild week to say the least. Between school closing and doing internship keeping me busy; you can say I had my hands full. Simply, this week I made some new designs for a potential surprise clothing drop, caught up with social media and engaged with customers, and helped plan a after party/ pop-up shop coming up.

Below are some potential clothing designs.

Besides, this current week. I'm also nervous for my future with the company.

Public health officials are urging Americans to help slow the spread of the coronavirus through social isolation. Cultural and sporting events are being canceled across the country, universities are shutting down and large office buildings are emptying out so staff can work from home. Following the lead of several states, all schools are set to close Monday.

All of that separation is vital for public health but terrible for business at all levels of the economy — first and foremost for entrepreneurs who rely on foot traffic and social gatherings to make ends meet. How are we supposed to sell clothes, when all people are worried about are buying milk and bread?